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Jan 24 2010

Thank you just doesn’t cut it…

I never thought that one exceptional opportunity could trigger the onset of so many profound emotions. I am simultaneously happy, excited, anxious, scared, nervous, while overwhelmingly gracious and deeply honored that I was chosen to be part of this stellar group of individuals attempting and succeeding in changing the world both inside and outside the classroom.

To date I would say that my acceptance into Teach For America has been one of my greatest accomplishments, yet I cannot claim all the glory for myself. On Thursday, January 21st while relaxing on a comfy couch surrounded by my dearest friends and family (present physically or only a phone call away) I received the email that I had be waiting for. With shaky fingers and a wildly beating heart I shot to my feet, read the words as fast as I could and then cheerfully claimed victory. With hugs, tears and an enormous outpour of support (everything from congratulatory emails, phone calls, text messages, facebook posts, videos, dinners, and more) everything seemed to fall into place. Although now as I look back on the entire application journey I am beginning to think less of my own personal accomplishments and more of the people who supported me, loved me, and never ceased to believe in my abilities even when I doubted what I was capable of. Those people, the most important people in my life, have been my most influential teachers and should celebrate the joy of this acceptance just as much as I. To the most inspiring group of family and friends (you know who you are) thanks for believing in me and supporting every crazy, offbeat, lofty and ambitious dream I have ever had, I promise to make you proud.

As this lazy Sunday comes to an end I can’t help thinking about the fact that just a week ago I read this blog with uncertainties and a stomach full of butterflies, wanting so badly for my own thoughts and experiences to be part of this online teaching community. Now here I am, typing away, trying to put into words all the things I am feeling but barely scratching the surface. So in a world where your life can drastically change in the span of one week, one day, one hour, here are the things I am certain of as I begin my TFA adventure…

1. I have the greatest friends and family in the world (this is true).
2. I am grateful for this opportunity and I will bravely assume all the responsibilities that it entails.
3. I love teaching.
4. I love a challenge.
5. I will always believe in my students.

And to those future middle school social studies students of mine, I can’t wait to meet you.

Keep smiling,
Ms. Franklin

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  1. lisa beth

    To my Miss Franklin-

    To be with you on that couch that most important day will be one of my most favorite and cherished memories of our friendship… I am thinking back to what we have been through, what we are going through, and what we will conquer and I cannot help but smile through my tears of joy. I know you will change this world and leave one of the biggest imprints on those that matter most: the ones you love; your family, your friends, and most importantly: your students. I am so excited for you to begin this journey and hope to be there with you along the way. I love you tons and am so very proud.

    Love you.
    Lisa B.

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