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Jun 06 2010

It’s time.

I can hear planes taking off and landing.
I can feel my mom squeeze me extra tight and say to me that she has never been more proud. I can smell the fried chicken, mashed potatoes & yellow corn that my grandma made in the wee hours of the morning so I could have a proper send off meal. I can think of my best friend who rolled my bag right up to the double doors to say her goodbye, and wish that she was still sitting with me right now so I could tell her how much she inspires me. Although this isn’t a typical goodbye, it feels significant and profound, something I haven’t felt before. Nothing really ends, a good friend once told me, so many things in life are timeless. Now as I sit at gate A25 waiting to hitch a flight to Charlotte…

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Mar 30 2010

"What teachers make"

As the beginning of April quickly ascends over the chilly March cold-front I find myself hopeful. With April brings the nearing end of undergraduate work, the last days in room 321 teaching small children, and the final Chicago hurrah with my closest friends. Naturally, I relate this thought to what I have been teaching in…

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Feb 01 2010

The Java Jive.

The dance I do to get myself up early to greet another blustery morning in Chicago, windy city is an understatement, Illinois, I have poetically deemed the java jive. One because that is the title of a real song that I sang in high school as part of my dancing, singing, red sparkly vest wearing…

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Jan 24 2010

Thank you just doesn’t cut it…

I never thought that one exceptional opportunity could trigger the onset of so many profound emotions. I am simultaneously happy, excited, anxious, scared, nervous, while overwhelmingly gracious and deeply honored that I was chosen to be part of this stellar group of individuals attempting and succeeding in changing the world both inside and outside the…

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